Signs and Synchronicities

I often have these conversations with people, whether it's with friends, lovers, or ex-lovers, about signs and what they mean.“I saw these numbers, there were all these synchronicities, etc.”Sometimes I feel we often look to signs for guidance because it’s nice to receive an external, physical validation that something larger is at play. It gives us this feeling that this situation is meant to be—that there is meaning to our lives. There’s a reason for it all!

And in my personal experience, this can be completely true. Synchronicities are wild. For example, I met my ex on 4/21 at 4210 Admiral Way and we experienced many other synchronicities that were practically unexplainable. Naturally, we attached these signs and symbols to our relationship and connection. Every once in a while, these signs still occur for us despite being broken up. I'll see the number 43, a certain song will play, or a dime will stare up at me out of nowhere. Frustrated, sometimes he hits me out of nowhere with, “Why does this still keep happening and what does it all mean?"

The evolving conclusion I've come to is that all it ever means is that it happened. And that it was supposed to. That's it. Sometimes it can simply be your guides letting you know that they are present and watching over you. The other day, I recently discovered that it can also be the person's energy chasing you—subconsciously reaching out! In other ways, it's the universe validating that experience for what it was or is and that you are on the right path and that your present movements are bringing you toward a more fully realized you.

As both a mystic and romantic, I often let myself get caught up in the details. "Oh my god! This, this, and this means that we're meant to be! This [insert planet] is transiting my Vertex and so that means [whatever romantic narrative I've conjured in my head]." Family astrological portrait, sheep, Myers-Briggs, life path number, or any other strange signs and commonalities.

I've even done this process with potential jobs as well. Like there are these strange coincidences, so this job is in the bag. And it's not. It was really just a breadcrumb along the path of realizing my potential.

So that's all it really comes down to for me.

It's not about whether or not you and another person are meant to be together forever. It's about you. It's about your journey to becoming a more fully realized you.

And these signs and synchronicities? They are lights along your path to remind you that you're going in the right direction. And the people you encounter along your path? Obstacles and/or guides to teach you about yourself.

It's never going to be linear and you're going to build connections upon connections. Experiences upon experiences.

And once you overcome or learn what you need to learn, you just keep going and you keep seeking and you keep finding. And maybe along the way, you'll find someone who will walk with you (or surf the inter-spatial dimensions of both y'alls non-linear paths) and continually teach you about yourself (and vice versa) and help you fulfill your potential.

So, cheers to the fact that it happened and you’re better for it now. You’re on the right path. Just keep it pushin’.