About Lili'uolani

Conduit. Artist. Weaver. Designer. Witch.

As a Native Hawai’ian born and raised in inner city Seattle, Lili’uolani’s multi-layered identity has enabled her with the ability to externally interlace opposing influences and interests into her work. The ethereal with the physical. The archaic with the modern. The indigenous with the foreign. The East with the West.

After graduating from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Design, she went on to begin her career at Nordstrom as a designer. A year later, she moved to New York where she currently lives and works as an artist, designer, and practicing witch.

Photo by Radiant Human.



Adorn your body, empower your spirit.

Growing up, her mother told her,

"If you can't find what you want—make it."

This mindset continues to influence Lili’uolani’s process today; this process of desire. She desires to see authentic, quality Native Hawai’ian representation in the world of art and fashion. She desires a way to partner her spiritual and creative gifts and knowledge. She desires to beautify.

This is how Kō Iwi took root.

The phrase kō iwi (pronounced kō ēvē) means “your bones.” Bones are sacred. Native Hawai’ians believe bones to be the primary physical embodiment of a person, for within them resides the person’s mana or power.

However, mana needs to be nurtured, maintained, and empowered.

At Kō Iwi, we do that by creating magical objects to adorn your body and empower your spirit. We also create customized kits. When you custom order a kit, Lili’uolani performs a personal astrological and tarot evaluation and determines what magical objects (and stones) will work best for you and your energy.

Each magical object in your Kō Iwi Kit aims to beautify your body and empower your spirit. We believe that when you take care of yourself, you make a better you and inevitably, a better community.



Kō Iwi will be debuting at Outside Lands San Francisco California August 9-12, 2019. Magical jewelry will be on display and Lili'uolani will be doing live consultations. Stay tuned and follow the excitement on Instagram.