Moon [Hina]
Moon [Hina]

Moon [Hina]

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The Moon, also known as the Mother, is the planetary ruler of Cancer and rules our inner world, instincts, behaviors and needs. Wear the Hina earrings to temper the ups and downs of your emotional sphere.

These earrings have a post backing.
/ 10mm Moonstone Cabochons [change with a consultation]
/ Measures 2.25" in length
/ Measures 3" in length
/ Available in Sterling Silver
/ Available in 18k Gold Plated Brass
/ Sold as a pair or individual
/ Made in New York City

Care instructions: To preserve and protect the jewelry, keep away from moisture, shower steam, and other water activities. Store with like metals (i.e. gold with gold) or keep in your velvet Kō Iwi jewelry bag.